MEDLEY - Mother & Child

Music, Movement, Montessori and much more…

Music, Movement, Montessori and much more…
10 months – 18 months

Piccolo Early Learning centre is pleased to offer ‘Medley’ the first parent- infant Program in Suraj Mal Vihar in collaboration with Playlabs.

Medley offers interactive fun classes for infants and toddlers with parent/ caretaker. The program focuses on Early Learning through fun activities designed to enhance physical, social, language, sensory and music/rhythm development in children.

Bouncing Baby 6 -12 months

A program designed specifically for babies and parents. We’ll do activities to focus on stimulating the senses and help your baby in visual and auditory development. Also singing songs, rhymes and reading stories will help to develop early communication skills. Each session involves use of props, music and movement, baby yoga and exercises, tummy time, mirror play and so much more. All these activities foster a special bonding time between parent and child.

Wobbler Toddler12 – 24 months

It’s an enriching program which introduces parent and child to a world of rich and varied sensory experiences in a very creative and enjoyable environment to encourage learning and development. It includes creative movement, stretching and exercising, balancing acts etc. to emphasize on mobility. The program introduces gross and fine motor skills through the use of props, enhances language development through story time and rhymes. Music and rhythm development is a very important part of this programs where kids get hands on percussion instruments.
The focus of this unique programme is to aid parents and child in smooth transition from home to school life and develop trust in the environment. The goal of our parent- infant programme is to foster and assist in the natural development of the young child’s personality.
We know that trust develops in an environment where adults respond attentively to the needs of toddlers i.e. through love and acceptance and creates an atmosphere that promotes the child’s strong, natural need and desire to learn.


Toddler room is specially designed with low shelves in the room, with easy accessibility to stimulating material to aid an infant in self-development. Materials specially designed for Toddlers are attractive and child centric. Large windows bring in lots of natural light into the environment. Anti-bacterial flooring, air purifying plants and shoe free spaces provide a hygienic environment for an infant to crawl around.
Our movement area includes soft gym, mirrors and wall bars.
The Montessori area includes discovery baskets, cubes on pegs, spheres on horizontal pegs, sensory boards, treasure baskets and various Practical Life Exercises.
A predictable sequence of activities and set routine will help the infant feel at home.
The language area includes miniature objects, language nomenclature, books, spoken vocabulary enrichment exercises, and other activities including art and music experiences.
As human beings develop intelligence by learning through the five senses and particularly through the relationship between the hand and the brain. These specifically designed learning material will aid your child during the rapid period of absorption and brain growth that occurs during the first three years of life.
Infants learn by touching and moving freely as they interact with their surroundings. The freedom to move and explore is essential to any child’s development whether they are enthusiastically exploring an interesting toy, quietly browsing through the contents of a book or calmly enjoying a song. Infants grow and learn emotionally and intellectually through independence and movement.