Mission and Vision

Choosing an early educational centre can be one of the most difficult and stressful choice for a family. Every parent wants to give the best education and ambience to their child.

Our mission at Piccolo is to provide an enriched and welcoming learning community that embodies the Montessori principles of respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment.

– Nurture  inspires and supports each child’s individual development.
– Fosters the growth of self-confidence, independence, self-discipline, personal and social responsibility.
– Fosters children’s innate love of learning and to make their introduction to education a joyful and purposeful start to a journey of life-long learning.


We affirm that education begins at birth and continues throughout life and that therefore all our values apply equally to adults, parents, teachers, guardians and all children in the school. We believe that intelligence is not rare among human beings. We nurture intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical growth for the development of a whole, healthful being.

We approach learning seeking to understand our students’ uniqueness and guide them individually and at their own pace, so they fully realize their potential.

We celebrate the natural diversity of human beings.

We affirm that self-esteem is one of the crucial ingredients for the full expression of a person’s potential. We strive to nurture self-esteem at every level of learning.

We believe true success is achieved through the willingness to take risks. Individual success and failure are simply feedback mechanisms by which growth and progress are achieved.

We believe that wisdom can be cultivated, and consists of the ability to listen to your heart and know how best to put your intelligence to work for you.