Parent & Toddler

Age : 15 months - 22 months
Duration : 1 Hour | T´╗┐wice a week
Location : Bahubali Enclave, Preet Vihar, Indirapuram

Parent & Toddler

Discover an enriching learning experience for infants and toddlers, where interactive and fun classes await along with their parents or caretakers. Our program focuses on Early Learning, providing a range of engaging activities that foster physical, social, language, sensory, and music/rhythm development in children.

For the Littlest Ones (15-22 months)

Stimulating Senses & Development
Motor Skills & Language Development
Smooth Transition to School Life

Our Environment

Specially Designed Toddler Room
and Stimulating Spaces
Movement and Montessori Areas
Every day is treated as a new opportunity to connect, to thrive and to build on the immense curiosity that will create a life-long love of learning.


Bahubali Enclave (head office)
Preet Vihar